Active Chair Yoga                     

Improving health one breath at a time

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Challenging Chair Standing Sequence that YOU can do!
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Active Chair Yoga Poses

Whether you are recuperating from a health setback, haven’t exercised in years, or want to re-gain flexibility,  strength, and vitality~
Active Chair Yoga is for you!
  • Mental alertness
  • Balance
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Relaxation
At any age or stage of life!

Using a unique “progressive” format, Jennifer is your guide to a safe and encouraging practice. Beginning with gentle and easy movements, Jennifer builds on them progressively as your strength, stamina and confidence increase. With this flexible format, you can make sure to fit yoga into your schedule. Customize your practice by either practicing the DVD in its full feature length of 55 minutes, or select from one of the following options:

Segments in this DVD include: 
  • Seated Upper and Lower Body Poses – 
    Gentle and Easy Poses anyone can do!
  • Standing Active Flow – Improve your Balance and Concentration with this vibrant and accessible series for Stamina, Strength and Confidence while using the chair as an option for support
  • Final Stretches – Perfect blend of Cool-down   Sequences to prepare you for a Deep and Well-   deserved Relaxation
  • Relaxing Meditation – Relax and Reconnect to your Breath and your Good Health! 
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