Active Chair Yoga Provides Chairs For Kids

Are you in the process of redesigning a separate room in your home for the littlest member of your family? Are you searching for that perfect new piece of furniture that will add beauty and happiness to your child’s room? If you are then it is important to have a room were a child has somewhere peaceful to relax. One of the best ways for a child to relax after a hard day of play is by including an awesome rocking chair for kids.

It is interesting to note that there are a huge variety of rocking chairs for you to choose from including rocking chair gliders, classic rocking chairs, rocking chairs with storage, and the endless selection goes on and on. Of course, you’ll have to make the final decision on which type of rocking chair is best suited for your child. This article will discuss a couple of the exciting rocking chairs available for children.

The storage rocking chair provide you with both a seating area and a storage solution. This type of rocking chair has a hidden storage compartment which will allow your child to store their more valuable toys. The chair comes in a variety of colors including blue and pink.

Other considerations that you may want to investigate include classic spindle rocking chairs, plastic kids rocker rocking chairs, animal theme type rocking chairs, Nordic rockers, and Fava rockers.

Improving Health One Breath at a time

Whether you are recuperating from a health setback, haven’t exercised in years, or want to re-gain flexibility,  strength, and vitality~
Active Chair Yoga is for you!
  • Mental alertness
  • Balance
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Relaxation
At any age or stage of life!


Using a unique “progressive” format, We are your guide to a safe and encouraging practice. Beginning with gentle and easy movements, Jennifer builds on them progressively as your strength, stamina and confidence increase. With this flexible format, you can make sure to fit yoga into your schedule. Customize your practice by either practicing the DVD in its full feature length of 55 minutes.